April 2006
During April we spent two fantastic weeks at the Outer Banks.  Karen visited for a few days and rode her bike
all over the island.  Then my brother-in-law Jeff and niece Elyse visited for a couple of days.  The weather
was fantastic, and the boys played for hours outside, playing spies, boats, and flying kites.  I completely
vegetated, even reading some Harlequin romances, something I hadn't done since I was a teenager!
We stopped in Washington DC on the way home to check out the American History Museum one last time
before it closes in September for major renovations.  Driving west across Maryland, the green mountains
bursting forth with life were so intense after the sand and sea oats of the beach.
March 2006
We took the Grayline Tour of New Orleans--this is not to be missed.  The tour guide and bus driver were We
took the Grayline Tour of New Orleans--this is not to be missed.  The tour guide and bus driver were locals,
and shared their stories of the storm.  The bus driver was actually an out-of-work firefighter, so his In Baton
Rouge, Ryan and I toured the Plaquemine Locks, the Art & Science Museum, the Baton Rouge zoo, and the
USS Kidd before attending the tournament on Saturday.  After the tournament, we toured the arboretum and
the swamp museum.  On Sunday morning, we headed back to New Orleans for beignets at Cafe du Monde,
then we were on the jet and headed home.
December 2005
During the first week of December, we made the pilgrimage to Disney World.  I'm beginning to think this is
not a trip for kids.  We stayed at the Nickeodeon Hotel, which the kids loved.  There was orange and lime
green EVERYWHERE and the room walls were decorated with Nickelodeon characters.  The cable system
had four, yes four, Nickelodeon channels.  The pools were awesome, really more like waterparks.  We also
checked out Kennedy Space Center (again), which is a perfect destination for a family of geeks.  The
highlight was getting to meet and talk with a real live space shuttle astronaut!  Oh, and we spent five days at
Disney World, hitting the four major parks, with the Magic Kingdom twice.
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April 2006
Kennedy Space Center
December 2005
Tennessee River
July 2005
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Hwy 12:
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October 2007
The boys and I did a road trip to Alabama for the National Taekwondo Tournament.  We left after school on
Thursday and drove as far as southern Kentucky before stopping.  At this age, about 4 hours of driving per
day is my max.  On Friday morning, we continued south and toured the Talladega Speedway during the
afternoon.  Ryan finally found the die-cast Impala he's been looking for since NASCAR debuted them last
spring.  After a quiet evening, we headed for the convention center on Saturday morning, where Ryan placed
3rd in sparring and David placed 3rd in forms.  We then headed north toward Bowling Green, where we
toured the Corvette plant on Sunday morning, then headed home.  We travel 1438.2 miles in a car in four
days.  Wow!
Summer 2007
It was a crazy summer for traveling for the Stevensons.  The schedule was a short one, due to the school
year calendars, but we packed it full.  The day after school was out, Brad and the boys left for a boat trip up
the Ohio River to Pittsburgh.  I joined them for the final four days of the trip back down the river.  Then, after a
day at home, Brad and Ryan headed north to the cottage in Canada that is owned by friends.  We squeezed
in a camping trip near home before we left for our last two weeks at our beloved beach house.  The country
was having one of the worst heat waves in years, and what better place to spend that than at the beach?  
David spend hours boogie boarding, and Ryan stood up on his surfboard.  School started a couple of days
after we returned home.  Summer was over.