Ryan's latest

Ryan stays busy with
Taekwondo (3rd degree
Level 3 blackbelt!, and
Level 1 instructor and
judge).  Thanks to his
awesome coaches and
teammates, his
basketball team won its
Championship on March
15.  Baseball season is
just starting, and he'll be
juggling that and his
love for Boy Scouts
(finally First Class) for
the next few months.  In
between, he loves
heading out to
Wildwood to ride his
ATV, practicing his
trombone, and
producing silly
videos.  Oh, and he just
earned one of his best
grade cards ever!
This paged updated March 2009.  Copyright 2009 Charlene Stevenson.
David's latest

David finally got his cast
off a just in time for the
Cub Scout museum
overnight.  The cast had
him sitting out this
taekwondo testing
cycle, but in two
months, he'll be testing
for his Black Belt!  He
also earned the
Taekwondo World
Championship for his
performance at three
tournaments last year!  
At the Blue & Gold
banquet, he earned his
Wolf patch and the
Outdoor Achievement
Award, as well as
completed 65 electives
for lots of arrows for
Mom to sew.  Baseball
practice has started,
and with a new bat and
cleats, we're looking for
an awesome season!
We are the champions!
Here comes
the judge.
With his buddy O.
Breaking the board.
Best Record of all teams
Outdoor Achievement Award.
Back in Cincinnati, in the snow.
What do you guys
do out there?
Christmas morning.
Another Stevenson
tradition...the New Year's Eve
After our really long trek
across a really cold swamp.